Monday, June 6, 2016

Screw For Denmark A Resounding Success...Can't Wait For the American Version

Okay, I didn't think the solution was as simple as an Ad campaign but apparently Danish birthrates are up.

Mind you they are planning to drop it because Muslim immigrants are offended by it but still the potential has been demonstrated.

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Jon M said...

Changing demographic trends requires so little effort Western Civilization has been doing it accidentally* for decades. It's surprising that anyone is allowed to discuss such a result, given how it flies in the face of The Narrative. If creating future generations requires just a little bit of encouragement, maybe we don't need hordes of foriegn bottomfeeders after all.

* For certain vales of the term 'accidentally'. Healthy skepticism is reasonable when one considers that the overall trend for those of European descent has been in just one direction for so long.