Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Alex Jone's Revenge

Actually it's a passive revenge but revenge is revenge none the less.

MeAgain Kelly's ratings are now in the shitter.

This is from Fox who is treating itself to just a little schadenfreude.

All of that free publicity couldn't push Megyn Kelly over the top.

Despite a week's worth of stories about her controversial interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the Q&A ended up being watched by only 3.5 million viewers, and was soundly beaten by CBS rival “60 Minutes,” which drew 5.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen.

The NBC hour-long “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” program was criticized ahead of time because Jones had in the past called the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn., a hoax. Members of that community, where 20 children and six educators were killed, were among those who spoke out against NBC airing the interview, and a local NBC affiliate refused to even carry the program.

The program took a nosedive in comparison to Kelly’s debut on June 4, which featured an interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin. That interview drew 6.2 million viewers.

And Kelly didn’t just lose viewers. Forbes reported JPMorgan, along with several local advertisers, dropped spots from the show or, in the case of the financial company, the enirety of NBC News, until after the interview aired.

But the controversy didn’t end there. Before the interview, Jones leaked an audio recording of what he said was a phone conversation with Kelly. In the conversation, Kelly was heard promising she would not portray him as “some kind of boogeyman.”

Al Tompkins, the Poynter Institute’s senior faculty for broadcasting and online, told Forbes that Kelly will need to boost her ratings to ensure her reported seven-figure salary with the network.

Tompkins goes on to say that this isn't necessarily the end for Kelly.

Actually it is.  MeAgain's base was right wing and she just gave them an undisguised middle finger. 

When NBC lured the Fox's lead TGIF* Blonde Du Jour away with the promise of making her a super big star on a real network.  NBC was trying to do something sensible.  The late Roger Ailes had a joke he liked to tell, "Fox serves a nitch market, 45% of the country."  NBC, not unreasonably has decided that it would like a little piece of that action.  But they won't get it.

You see, Ailes also new a thing or two about showmanship.  Newspapers didn't start out as valiant seekers of the truth.  They all started out in the 18th century as sleezy-ass gossip gazettes.  Around the middle of the 19th century it was worked out that if you had a reputation for honest reporting of the news rather than just making shit up off the top of your head, you would have more steady sales.

But the thing Ailes kept sight of which almost no American journalist seems to understand is that people don't watch the news to be informed.  And they sure as fuck don't watch it to be educated.  

People watch the news to be entertained.  

Something as written by the Guardian:

"The household had Dickensian air about it."

Same thing as written by the New York Times:

"The family living in the house could be viewed as somewhat reminiscent of the the writings Charles Dickens (a 19th century English writer)." 

Say what you want about the Guardian and I frequently do, they at least have a clue as to how to write and engaging and concise sentence.

MeAgain Kelly was brought on board at NBC in an effort to draw in a Right wing audience.   Given the slightest chance, Kelly leaped at an opportunity to prove to her new friends that she really wasn't one of us at all.

And she wasn't.  All she ever really was, was a news actress that her producer wanted to bang.

*In case you aren't familiar with Blonde jokes that one goes; "why do Blondes have TGIF written on their shoes? Answer: it means Toes Go In First.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stupid People Shouldn't Go To College

That used to be so obvious that it didn't need to be mentioned.

Now it's too late to mention it.  The rocks have avalanched their way into the university system.

When I was trapped in that Ninth Circle of Hell called Marine Corps Recruiting Command, I was occasionally stuck proctoring a high school ASVAB test.  Naturally the kids wanted to know how they did.  Few things were sadder than having to tell one of them   "Sorry, son.  You failed the test.  You can't enlist."

Although it was even sadder when that kid would say, "that's alright I planning to go to college anyway."

The ASVAB is basically a high school sophomore level general knowledge exam.  Fail it and you really have no business graduating high school let alone attending college.  Yet these guys who were too dumb to "hump a pack" in the Marine Corps went on to enter college.

Universities are institutions and institutions usually do what they have to in order to survive.  That's not a problem when that institution maintains a symbiotic relationship with  it's society.  There is no doubt at this point that the relationship between American universities and American society has turned deeply parasitic.

Just look at how stupid the students in that video are.  Thirty years ago those morons couldn't have gotten in.  They've memorized a few phrases like  "Cis-normative" and that makes them think they are smart in the face of all available evidence.

Admitting stupid students is nothing new of course.  When I was in college. Two thirds of the Ivy League's student body was born admitted to their family's university, even if they were challenged by successfully tying their own shoes.

At the state college level it was football players.  Bubba Smith famously presented his professor with a sheet of paper with typed answers to the written essay final he'd just been given.

Both of those were big sources of income for the institution in question so awkward questions regarding qualification went unasked.


In the 1970s and 80s, Universities were reeling from a body blow.  The draft had ended and suddenly a shit ton of young men no longer felt they had a need for a college education.  The colleges started a massive (and sadly successful) campaign to convince the kids of working families that they were too good for manual labor.

This is a top ten lie

The results of this were temporarily kept within the bounds of sanity by freshmen attrition.  During that time barely one third of a freshmen class would complete a college degree. Freshmen classes would start off in gigantic numbers but by Christmas 45% were gone.  Working class families weren't gong to pay for an education that was yielding a 1.9 GPA.

As for student loans, you couldn't get them.  At that time in order to qualify you had to either be  authentically, desperately poor or able to prove that you had lived on your own for four years.

Bill Clinton did a shit load of damage to America when he was president but in terms of long term disaster nothing he did was worse than getting rid of these restrictions.

Once anyone could qualify for a student loan, the colleges started creating programs especially for illiterate students. These usually had the name "studies" in them.

The rest you know.

Now this professor describes himself as a deep progressive, therefore so as far as I'm concerned the sooner his students devour him the better.  He is a big part of the problem.

What really offended his sensibilities was that his students showed him the end of the road he had been leading them down all along.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Phony War Stage is Coming to a Close

The Second American Civil War is heating up.  And more rapidly than I was expecting.  We are moving quickly from Bleeding Kansas to to the Caning of Charles Sumner.

Although I will grant that yesterday's attempted assassination of the House Majority Whip probably doesn't qualify.  The congressional minority has not expressed it's approval of the action.  Indicating they aren't ready to step off the plank just yet.

Although there was plenty of approval to be found on Twitter.  And I guarantee not a single account was suspended for it.

The American Left has normalized low level political violence.  They not very good at it yet but they have normalized it.  In NYC you can watch a Shakespearean assassination scene featuring the president.  Kathy Griffin was actually surprised by the amount of push back she got for holding up a bloody beheaded likeness of Donald Trump's noggin on camera.

Now, Kathy Griffin lost her job and more horrifying for showbiz Lefties, Orange Julius Caesar lost it's corporate sponsor. That really shocked the showbiz types.

So subdued was the theater world as the news about Delta spread that Sunday night’s Tony awards turned out to be almost completely Trump-free. The evening was notably short on impassioned pleas, i.e., shrill grandstanding. What jokes were directed at Trump were few and mostly mild and there were even a couple of moments of (arguably) pro-Trump humor. The host, Kevin Spacey, mentioned the longtime voice of CNN, James Earl Jones, who received an honorary award, as “the most trusted name in fake news,” then later did a bit in character as Bill Clinton in which he mocked Hillary Clinton’s e-mail debacle. When Stephen Colbert appeared late in the show, to bestow the award for best musical revival, he awkwardly tried to segue into a contrived bit about Trump’s supposedly being a revival act, was rewarded with groans when he made a lame joke about the beauty pageant in Miss Saigon being the only one “whose dressing room our president has not walked in on,” and shot back, peevishly, “A lot of Trump fans here tonight!” You know your anti-Trump shtick is failing when a room consisting of 5,000 liberal Democrats doesn’t bite.

Be advised, the link is to National Review.  

I think things are going to build for a while yet.  You probably have between two to eight years to make your preparations for the coming the storm.

Remember the Deep State doesn't really want a Civil War.  It just wants to be completely in charge again.

The problem is that the Deep State can't really imagine a world where they aren't the rider of two horses at once.  They've already been bucked off by one of their mounts and their brilliant plan to regain the saddle will end with them losing their second horse.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Larry Correia Plays Slap the Lying Assbag

Mike Glyer of File 770 is well known to all who served in the Sad and Rabid Puppies legions. He has something like 40 Hugo Award nominations which tells you just about everything you need to know about him.

But in case you like to know a little bit more, the Pandimensional Lord of Hate will happily fill you in.

(T)he lying character assassin thinks I’m mean and immature because I won’t accept his bullshit.

Fuck you. Insults are all you deserve, cur.

Normally when I argue with people online there is some verbal sparring and attempts at humor. Not with Glyer. With him I’ll speak plainly. He is scum.

His band of psychos is the reason my kids can’t use their real names on the internet. He feeds their asinine jealously and spite through a passive aggressive and highly biased “reporting”, all while he plays at being impartial and honest.

He’s the lowest form of liar. He follows a pattern, pick a target, “report”, usually in the most biased, shitty, sleazy way possible. Knowingly painting people as things they aren’t, then riling up the mob to destroy their reputation.

Like in Jon’s case, if the author unwittingly tries to set the record straight, Glyer will act all impartial and nice, all honey and sweetness, but he’s a viper. And as soon as it helps his shitty pathetic traffic, he starts the process over again.

I’m in author groups. He does this to everyone naive enough to buy into his act.

Even though he knows I think he is lower than whale shit, he routinely links to my blog simply because he knows it will rile up his psychos.

Then when the psychos are attacking your rep and threatening your business, he acts all nice, like oh I’m just a guy with a fanzine that reports the news, as he tosses another bucket of blood in the water.

I just delete all his trackbacks. Honestly, his blog traffic is so pathetic that on any given day he doesn’t even make the top 10 in my referrers list.

Glyer is doing his pathetic little dance here now because he can’t stand someone having his number. He likes to play at being a journalist, but he’s just a petty, sad, little man.

Now he is reduced to arguing like a little kid, trying to get the last word in, with feeble little jabs, because he simply can’t handle being exposed for the snake that he is.

And once he gets done poisoning the well against Jon, he will move onto the next author who gets out of line.

Because Glyer isn’t even a bully. He’s something worse. He’s a ring leader. He doesn’t even have the balls to be a bully. He’s a worm tongue, whispering lies, and stirring up bullies.

Mike Glyer is a piece of shit.

Larry Correia You have to understand, Glyer is a parasite. He doesn’t create anything. He has made a “career” out of aggregating information about people who do. At some point he discovered he could feel like a big man if he muck raked and screwed over some creators for the amusement of his tribe.

His one claim to fame is that an inbred circle jerk has given him like fifty awards for having a website that became obsolete the day Google was invented.

And just think, this pathetic weasel is talking about when I grow up. But in the real world I’ve done things and created things. So your useless opinion is duly noted, you wretched parasite, and I’ll just reiterate my initial response. Fuck off.

I highly recommend reading the whole thing. 

 Particularly the ending. That was some good, side splitting lulz. 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Needs to be Fired

This is from Ace this morning and I have to say I agree with every word of it.

The first words out of my mouth when I saw the first link this morning were "are you fucking kidding me?!" I smelled a a rat when Mueller was appointed but the fact that he has hired Clinton Foundation hacks and a bag man for Obama is the bitter end for me. When you couple this with the Comey hearing and what is now shaping up to be the incessant drumbeat for impeachment based on absolutely nothing, you get me frothing at the mouth in a pre-stroke condition. Newt Gingrich has been about the only voice out there to be as incandescently enraged about all this, while most of the GOP is silent, indifferent or playing along with the MFM-generated meme. And by the way, there has never been a special counsel which ended its investigation with a complete exoneration of the target. NEVER. Somebody somewhere connected to Trump or Trump himself is going to go down. This is an unmitigated insult and a slap in the face. I say fire Mueller, ignore the courts and ram home the agenda. Mr. President, your legitimate presidency, agenda and administration are in the throes of a coup from several fronts. The time to act is now. Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed. 

We know what back stabbing, leftist virtue signaling, little shit stains the #Never Trumpers are.  And this one is their baby.  They don't care about us and they never have.  The only thing that those senile old fucks like John McCain want is for you to believe their lies.  

Robert Mueller is an appointee from the wing of the GOP that brought you Justice David Souter.  

Trump needs to fire this man as soon as he has control of the DOJ.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Shocker! The 9th District Court Rules Against America's Interests

Yeah I know.  I'll wait until you find your smelling salts.

The only thing surprising about this is just how closely the wording of Fox News' website matched that of MSNBC.  Convergence is coming to Fox and coming fast.  It has already taken over Fox's internet voice.  The Baby Murdochs want, desire and crave their Manhattan cocktail party stroke job.  It's not a question of if they get but only of when.

The 9th Court has long since made itself known as the Peoples Republic of California instrument for inflicting the will of the San Francisco Bay Area on the rest of the country.  And it is time for the God-Emperor to examine the precedents set by his predecessor, President Lincoln, in dealing with judges that are actively attempting to destroy the United States of America.

There is a bigger a problem on the immediate horizon.  The 9th circuit court's decision was completely expected.   What cannot be expected is Justice Kennedy's reply to it.

Yes, the court has incurred into the Executive Branch's territory.

However Kennedy has a history of suddenly and violently swinging hard Left when it comes to social issues.  Which the Left claims that unfettered Muslim immigration is.

My hope is that president Trump will not immediately push the issue.

There is a LOT of talk about Justice Kennedy (*thank you almighty God if this is true) retiring at the end of this June.  Which means that the president can appoint a SCOTUS Justice who isn't given to Lefty virtue signalling.

We have two weeks until the end of the month.  We shall know then.