Thursday, April 19, 2018

"Puppy Adjacent" is a Thought Crime Now

John Ringo was just disinvited to the soon to be defunct Carolinacon.

Apparently his crime against humanity this week was being Puppy Adjacent.  Since I know damn good and well that he wasn't involved with either the Sads or the Rabids, I think his Thought Crime was being marginally sympathetic to the cause.

This is from Milo's Dangerous by SF Indy author Jon del Arroz

What’s Going On at Sci-Fi Conventions?

Over the last year, conventions and geek-fandom have become an increasingly dangerous place for anyone who identifies as even moderately on the right. The troubles began with New York Comic Con, when YouTube reviewer Richard C. Meyer, with the channel Diversity & Comics, was targeted for harassment by comic book professionals who conspired in a secret Facebook group to harass him and “goad him into throwing a punch,” one said. The goal would be to get him banned from conventions for his violence, intentionally inciting an incident.

The problems have only become worse in 2018. East Coast Comic Con announced they would not allow Kevin Sorbo at their event because of his ties to Sean Hannity. Worldcon banned me under dubious circumstances because of my political writings. And ConCarolinas was set to have John Ringo, one of the biggest authors in the industry, at their convention.

Who Is John Ringo And Why Does He Matter?

John Ringo is no stranger to fighting SJWs. As a wildly successful author with more than two decades in the business, he recalls the year 2000 as being a particularly difficult time at his first convention, shortly after the 2000 election where George Bush narrowly defeated Al Gore in the Electoral College.

“What struck me from the beginning was how the conservatives (many) at the con had to hide in the shadows, furtively whispering the secret passwords and passing microdot notes like they were in East Germany,” Ringo told DANGEROUS. “By the same token, the leftists were free to vent any old idiocy, any lie, any distortion or falsehood without anyone speaking up and telling them they were full of shit. As soon as I broke the hymen and revealed myself as a conservative it was game on and no holds barred. At that con I very nearly got into a fistfight with a magazine publisher at a room party. It has been one shit storm after another ever since.”

According to Ringo, the convention then pushed its conservative members out of its planning committee, attendance dropped over years, and it’s now defunct. “Get woke, go broke,” he says of any organization who bows to SJW pressure.

ConCarolinas initially didn’t respond to the nasty trolling and threats of boycotts, but after deliberating over the weekend, they sent Ringo an email disinviting him from the convention because, as the convention chair said on Twitter, “the con could not guarantee Ringo wouldn’t be walking into a hostile environment. John wanted to have fun. A reasonable request. The con could not guarantee that he wouldn’t be subject to people being ugly to him.”

Ringo recalls the interchange with the convention to be a bit more serious, stating he was asked not to attend because, “we were going to have to hire full time security guards and maybe off-duty police during peak hours.”

If the crowd is prone to be as violent as he suggests, and it has gotten increasingly worse over these last few years, why won’t the conventions do something to protect their conservative guests?

What Can We Do To Fix The Problem?

Ringo doesn’t believe there’s an answer to the problem of the SJW outrage brigade in the near future. “What is not definitely conservative is eventually taken over by the left, gutted, skinned and used as a cloak while they dance around demanding respect,” Ringo said.

“Who wants to sit through a lecture on intersectionality and wokeness when they came to learn how to write? Some masochists, maybe, but most thinking people want to learn the craft, not Socialist Doctrine. So more and more will fold. People will say it’s because ‘people just aren’t reading anymore’ or whatever. But the reality is, socialism kills everything it touches.”

It seems to have been the case in the publishing industry, as fewer and fewer publishing houses appear to be able to compete each year. Independent books are subsequently taking more of the market share. Writers like Ringo, contrarily, are doing well because he doesn’t water down his books with political correctness, giving a very authentic voice to his series Black Tide Rising and others. His third book in the Monster Hunter universe, co-authored with right-leaning Larry Correia, is titled Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints, is available for pre-order on July 3rd.

As the conventions continue to push themselves into irrelevancy by bowing to the SJW pressure, Ringo urges readers to fight back.

“Keep up with what any con you’re planning on attending is doing. If they cave to the SJW mobs, don’t go,” Ringo said.

“Tell them you’re not going and why. Cancel your membership if you bought one and ask for your money back. Money talks. Show the publishers that it’s a bad idea to ‘get woke’ financially. People say ‘I don’t read/watch TV on the basis of politics. Your enemies, my enemies too, do so. And they attack, attack, attack every single damned day. Wonder why there’s never anything good on TV or in the bookstores? Because we let the Left take over all of that (nearly all) and it went to shit. And it’s only going to get worse. We have to fight back. And unfortunately, we have to fight back every damned day. Because it’s like being a cop or a security guard or a sentry. The bad guys can choose their time. We have to be eternally vigilant,” Ringo said. 

The Sads died out two years ago.  As for the Rabids, I've got my doubts that Vox is going to bother to hold another one. 

Not much point. 

The Rabid Puppies campaign was wildly successful in pretty much all of it's objectives.  There was never any hope of saving the Hugos.  That was never the point. The only thing the Hugos had going for them for the past a couple of decades was a reputation for excellence that was no longer deserved.  The Puppies campaigns were always built on demonstrating that excellence in SF had nothing to do with who the award went to.

The SMOFs could have saved the Hugo's reputation easily enough.  If they had just said something like, "everybody calm the fuck down and just vote the ballot as it is, this will all be over with quickly The Puppies are all Rightwingers, if we stay quiet and don't make a big deal about this, they will either start fighting with each other in public and generally shooting themselves in the foot or get bored and wander off.  Just be quiet about this and vote the ballot as is and it will all blow over."

You may as well have asked rain to not be wet.

Not with Queen Toadina braying out her calls for Jihad at the top of her vast lungs. The mentally ill are not big on being reasoned with.

Not only did the SJWs blow up their own award's reputation with their "no award" award drives.  They then bounced the rubble by giving the Best Novel of Year award to the utterly mediocre works of the utterly mediocre N. K. Jemison.

The truth is that pretty much all of the lit cons (except for the anti-SJW Libertycon) are dead.  A sad relic from a bygone era.

The Hugos are dead.  Long live the Dragons!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blogs and Ends

First up.  Cataline Recommends: Lost in Space (2018) 

Yeah, I'm surprised I'm recommending it too.

I'm trying to figure out if I should hate this or not.  I'm only three episodes in and so far I don't...yet and I was pretty sure I would.

The casting was race bent...of course.  Black Judy Robinson hasn't been explained yet and I think they should.  Wouldn't be too hard. She was the eldest.  Just have John Robinson say something like, "I have had Judy since she was six months old.  She is my daughter."  That would do it.  Ah well, maybe later.  Additionally, Doctor Smith has undergone sex reassignment.  Given audience expectations regarding an unnaturally close relationship between an adolescent boy and a  mincing and prissy, middle-aged man, this casting decision was a regrettable but dire necessity. 

Other characters have been changed around quite a bit too.  Will was daring and impetuous in the original.  In this one, he's rather cowardly.  The daring and impetuous thing has been given to Judy.  I was starting to roll my eyes about Judy Sue because it appeared that she was the one who was going to be doing everything right. But then her daring and impetuous thing nearly gets her killed and she goes into PTSD over the event.  Okay so not quite Judy Sue and lets face it, the original Judy was the most useless character in the show, they had to do something with her.  Also she's an eighteen year old MD now but that can slide because (a) all of the Robinsons were geniuses in the original LIS and (b) somebody needs to to be the medic.  May as well be Judy.

Maureen is the brains of the outfit and clearly wears the pants in the family.  John Robinson is now a bit of rock and pretty hen-pecked.  He's dumb as hell and was some kind of Marine Corps operator of indeterminate rank.   Apparently he and Maureen had separated and were getting a divorce.  That was told in a flashback.  What was also told in a flashback was that some asteroid was going to hit the Earth and also the atmosphere was now to poisonous to breath without masks, yada-yada everyone who can, is trying to get off the Earth and go to the new colony at Alpha Centuari.  MacGuffin sequence initiated.

Interesting variation.  The Jupiter 2 wasn't just by itself.  The J2 was attached to a mother ship with a whole bunch of other Jupiters and colonist families when something happened...dun-dun-dun.  Anyway Jupiter 2 crashes on planet that consists entirely of Vasquez Rocks. Meh, I'm used to that.

During an initial exploration Will finds an all powerful, alien battle android with amnesia that immediately bonds to him.

So Robot is basically this guy now.

It actually works.  

Finally we meet Don West and Doctor Smith when they are escaping from the damaged mother ship.  In this iteration Don West is a cynical mechanic and bad guy with a heart of gold.   Doctor Smith is a ruthless Dark Triad female.  And actually she isn't really Doctor Smith.  Her real name is "June Harris" which was a nice shout out to the original Doctor Smith actor.  The real Dr. Z. Smith was played in a cameo by Bill Mumy.

There were a lot of cliff hangers and nail biters in the first three episodes.  A few minor jokes here and there but so far no Carrot People.  Basically this is the version of Lost in Space as Irwin Allen originally envisioned it and not the ridiculous camp it turned into.

I am recommending with reservations.

I don't hate it yet but I'm sure I will eventually.


About Scooter Libby.  The Lefty press can't really remember why they hate him and they don't want you to remember either but they do know they still hate him...for...some reason anyway.  Bottomline: Trump pardoned him so Scooter has to be the Anti-Christ.

The truth is that everyone expected W. to pardon him on his way out of the White House.  Hell, even the Democrats expected it.  They would publicly bitch but they would understand about rewarding loyalty.  And Baby Bush proved himself w-a-a-a-a-a-y too much of a cuck to do anything like that.

Good for President Trump.


Cataline Does Not Recommend: Troy Fall of  a City.

The casting is an eye roller.  As I said before, you can make a historical argument for Black Romans particularly if you are talking about the late Imperial period.  There undoubtedly were a few by then (see: the Edict of Caracalla).  They didn't offer any explanation for Black Greeks other than it's a British production and at this point you have to Race Bend...or else.  I think the producers felt they genuinely had no choice in the matter.  And the sad truth is, they're right. If you are producing anything in Britain today and you don't hit the diversity checkboxes you are in trouble.  Real trouble.  As in legal trouble.  At this point that is a possibility there.

The other odd casting choice was Helen.  I admit she's always a casting problem because she was "the most beautiful woman in the world."

This is apparently Helen
Her costumes were designed to keep you from looking at her face

I'm not big into fairness as you all know but to be fair she's not bad looking.  But she is 10 years older than the guy playing Paris.  The writers did write a Hermione in, when most productions forget to put Helen's daughter in these things.  But this Hermione is about thirteen.  We are talking about a thirty year old and very maternal Helen.  Enough so that the audience is left with the impression that the Trojan War was started over a grubby Oedipus Complex.

So on to the production itself.  It was cheap and I do mean Xena cheap.  Also it was boring as hell.  I ended up skipping to the final episode.  Those are the two biggest reasons I recommend against it.

Now that said, it did have a few of things I liked.  When you see Paris being raised as a shepherd, there is a scene where his adoptive father tells him the story of Actaeon, who spied on the goddess Artemis when she was bathing.  In her rage she turned Actaeon into a deer, who was then chased through the woods by wolves and torn apart by them.  Paris then turns to him asks, "the question is, did he think it was worth it?"  I liked that bit. It told you everything you needed to know about Paris' character.

As always one of the biggest problems with any version of the Iliad, is trying to make Paris and Helen sympathetic figures.  The writers tried.  Prince Paris was raised as an illiterate shepherd so he didn't quite get the big picture of snatching the king of Sparta's queen.  But with Helen they had to fall back on feminism.  At one point she declares, that here in Troy men and women are as equals, which she had never been before.  Yeah, bullshit.  In most of the early accounts after Paris dies she is given to his brother Deiphobus, who she then betrays at the Fall of Troy,  so I don't think she was super cool about that relationship.  There are plenty of versions of the ancient story where Helen is cruel and treacherous but nobody has ever gone with a screen version of that...

Okay, yes fine Kolchak did go with evil Helen

Other things that I liked.  When they had Odysseus plowing the rocks, they had him beat the fuck out of Diomedes when he put Odysseus' infant son in front of the oxen.  That isn't in the ancient accounts but if there is any truth to the story at all, you know it happened. 

Right before the first battle, the various goddesses walked invisibly among the soldiers that were about to fight. Choosing their champions.

Hera: Menelaus of Sparta, I bless you.

Aphrodite: Paris of Troy, I bless you.

Athena: Odysseus of Ithaca, I bless you. 

It was effective and respectful of the original source material.  Which in a nutshell, can be said of the whole production.  But it doesn't change the fact that it's oddly casted, cheap and boring.  I can't recommend it.

Okay, I'm done here.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Got That One Wrong

Got that one wrong.

Mueller's office is now leaking like a sieve.

Looks like Cohen was in Prague, just like the Steele Document claimed and which he emphatically denied.  Cohen has now clammed up and lawyered up which means he was there and worse was secretly there doing who knows damn what.   Apparently this Manhatten lawyer thought he was a master spy because he crossed in Czech Republic from Germany without getting his passport stamped. Fucking genius!

Politically this one is bad.  It won't matter why Cohen was in Prague, I still think the Russia thing is bullshit but Cohen has given that narrative the breath of life.  For eighteen months we have all derided the Steele document as a complete hoax but now one part of it will be verified.  Which means the left and the NeverTrumpers will be able to say with perfect conviction, well what else did it get right?

So no, Mueller is not trying to get fired.

In fact I'd say he has the most secure job in Washington.


Okay, something is about to happen shortly.  Mike Pence has been ordered back to Washington and the Press Corps has been told to the White House.

They Are Trying to Head Spielberg Off At the Pass

Could be a secret Indiana Jones fan trying to hold out for a Chris Pratt version but I kinda doubt it.