Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Diversity + Lawsuits = Bribes

All taxes are bribes... Just so you know.  - Cataline Sergius

Jeff Bezos got quite the slap from President Trump today.

I was kind of wondering what Amazon had done to annoy him.  I mean sure Bezos owns the Washington Post but why are they more annoying to him than CNN?

Maybe he is treating himself to a bit of business populism?

Understandable if he is.

American businesses have developed a serious problem in the past four years and they need to blame someone.

Before 2012, the diversity game wasn't too hard to play.  You hired a few people who met the minimum qualifications to be members of the Left's victim of the month club.  You plunked that hiree down in a nice office, locked the door and let them spend the day contentedly surfing internet porn until it was time to unlock the door and let him go home for the night.  For this he would get a six figure salary.

That was good enough for a while.  But after Obama got elected to his second term it was safe for the president and his disciples to drop the mask.

Did you know that eighteen of the richest counties in America went for Obama twice?  It's true!  They thought they were safe enough from the demands of the Diversity Battalions because they were good hearted  progressives.  Sure, you can order manufacturing companies to take on worthless mouths to feed but hey! Anyone can turn a wrench, right?  Computer programming is very important and very specialized.  Note the use of the word, "specialized," as in we are very, very special and the rules don't apply to us.

And they didn't for a long time.  Jesse Jackson was always sent packing with his ass between his shoulders whenever he tried to shakedown Silicon Valley... Before 2012 anyway.

Do you remember Intel's big 300 million dollar Anti-GamerGate giveaway back in 2014?  Remember wondering what the fuck Jesse Jackson was doing there on stage collecting Intel's SJW bribe money, next to people that were actually involved with that bullshit?

The people Holder went after the hardest were... believe it or not, the Blue Stater corporate states.  The people that had supported Obama the most fervently suddenly found themselves face down in the shit with their pants getting pulled down, being ordered to, "squeal like pig!"

Why the Blue State mega businesses?  Because you slaughter the fatted calf...  Not the calf that is bone thin and nearly starved to death.

Red State business don't have a lot left on their bones that are worth picking but Blue State businesses?  Good lord look at Google, better than a half trillion in assets and any money they pay to the Left is strictly voluntary?  Holy fuck! That is totally unacceptable!

The DOJ was the instrument of the Blue States own destruction.  If your company had over X amount in gross revenue, your HR officer was going to walk into your office one morning and tell you, "here is the new amount of Diversity Hires we need to avoid a title VII lawsuit.  And no qualifications don't matter.  My hands are tied.  We have no choice about this at all."

The cognitive dissonance is almost hilarious to watch.

"What!? You are telling me, as a woman that women react badly to workplace stress!   OOoooohhh!  I am so stressed at work now, I will have to stay home from work for the next week! And yes you will pay me to do that too."

"Our corporation must stand for more than corporate profits even if we become completely unprofitable!"

"What our employees do at this company means, so much more than the work they do for our company!"

Almost hilarious but not quite.   Right now we are deep into Round Two where the SJWs are cannibalizing the fuck out of their own.

But when  you have slaughtered and consumed the Blue State fatted calf...

When you are hungry again...

 When you have to choose between two equally bone thin and nearly starved to death calves...

Well it's time to coax that starving Red State Calf into the pen that his mother never came out of.

Except of course that the Red State calves won't go.  Not this time.  Not anymore.

That is when it begins in earnest.

Harambe Pundit Also Sez

Mister President from one silver-back Alpha to another, you are chest poundingly AWESOME!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Harambe Pundit Sez

If you are going to hold a rally.  (1.) Have an actual point to the rally other than malignant narcissism.  (2.) Don't hold it in a place where the cops will actively coordinate with ANTIFA.  (3.) Don't have Richard Spencer involved with it because he's a fuck up.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

The End of Marvel?

Interesting rumor flying about.

Mickey the Great and Terrible is strongly considering ending Marvel as a publisher of comic books.

Hard to believe but it may be true.

The problem is the SJWfest that the comics side of the Marvel house has been treating itself to has left Disney out on a limb.  Marvel Comics recast every hero as an "at risk person" and swept the original characters off the board.

It has been a sales catastrophe.  One so bad that the SJW in chief at Marvel Comics even briefly admitted to it... Before backtracking and saying he never said anything of the kind.

The MCU movies are a Brobdingnagian money volcano of unearthly proportions and the comics are... Well they weren't profitable to begin with but now they are actively brand damaging the Golden Marvel Mountain.  The brand damage is the real problem here.  Disney actually helped Sony with the Spiderman franchise because they felt that Sony's screwups were hurting the brand.  Disney spent millions to prop up another company's character to protect their own IP.  If there is one thing Disney knows how to do better than anyone else it is taking care of a brand.

So why not order Marvel Comics to reverse course?  Why not have Thor go back to being a dude and Spiderman go back to be Peter Parker?

Because Disney, while not quite being totally SJW converged... You'll note Mickey is not as yet giving lectures on White Privilege and the cartoon characters genders remain binary normal.  Disney is very, VERY SJW sensitive.

Ordering the comics division to moonwalk the past year away would be a major problem for the House of Mouse.

SJWs who never even considered reading the damn things would be in a hyper rage if Captain America went back to being a White Guy from Brooklyn.  The writers would all twitter-bitch and one or two who were going to get fired anyway would put Disney on blast.  Thereby securing their status as Heroes of the Left and thus ensuring future employment.  You will never work again in publishing if you were fired for being a loser but you will always get more work if you claim you were fired because you went too far to the Left.

The SJW shitfest would be very problematic for Disney and they can't really gauge how strong it would be because you never really know how violently SJWs react will react to something.  Again, damaging the Movie Money Volcano.

But regretfully shutting down an unprofitable subsidiary, (indeed, shedding great tears of sadness at the cold, cruelty of market necessity)  is another story altogether. The sales are so bad right now there is no real argument to be made for continuing publication. The market is shrinking as it consists entirely of middle-aged Gen-Xers and aging Boomers.  If it's not on a smartphone, Millennials don't read it.  "Comic books are a dying business and everyone knows it."

 And it's a nice catch-22 for  SJW hivemind.  If the SJWs put this one on the top of the skyline, then they will be forced to admit that scoring Diversity Points is a profits killer.  Their instinct will be to nod sadly and sweep it all under the rug.

Now comics, despite having been a money loser for decades do perform one vital service for their corporate overlords.  They keep trademarks alive.   However, there is a quick and easy way around that. Outsource it to a third-party company that produces a digital version of the comics in question.  If they stray off mission and into politics, fire them and start all over with someone new.  Not being regular employees, fear will keep them in line.

As I said, it's only a rumor but given the panicked tone there may be something to it.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Communist Friday Continues: Cataline Recommends...

The subject, in broad strokes is Cold War Romania and we have a twofer!

The first is Chuck Norris Vs Communism.

This is a documentary that chronicles the late cold war phenomena of black market western video tapes in Ceausescu's Romania.  I have no idea at all as to the political persuasion of the producers of this show.  It won a shitload of awards at Sundance so I have to assume, Lefty.  However it is a testament to the power of human free will, under even the most brutal of oppression.

Chuck Norris Vs Communism is currently available on Netflix.

Cataline's favorite line, "We started to want to be... Heroes."


An interesting and enjoyable flip side.  Amazon Video's; Comrade Detective.

This one appears to have been a kind of passion project for Channing Tatum.

Now let me get this out here at the start.  Never play, "Who is the Secret Hollywood Rightwinger?"  I guarantee you that it will always end in tears. I have repeatedly thought that various Hollywood celebrities were Secret Rightwingers only to find out that they absolutely weren't.  The only thing they wanted was to not offend 45% of the viewing audience.  Yeah that makes them smart but it doesn't make them one us.

Unless Channing Tatum declares himself otherwise, it should be assumed that he is on the Left.  If you are reading this Channing, it is nothing against you personally and I am not asking you cut your throat in public on the off miracle that you are secretly one of us... Which you most likely aren't.

I just don't want my heart broken again.

Anyway here's the trailer:

In case you didn't guess, this is a satire.  The premise of which is that Comrade Detective was a propaganda TV show produced for Ceausescu's Romania in 1983.

(*It should be mentioned in passing that due to collapsing economic conditions broadcast television in Romania had been cut down to 2 hours a day by 1983.  So there is no way that they could havew produced this show... Just say'in you know.*)

It stars actual (if unknown) Romanian actors dubbed over by (pretty well known) Western actors.

The funny part is that this show's storyline is actually pretty well plotted. It's a buddy-cop show.  Tough guy, thug with a heart of gold is teamed up with Brainy guy, family man who can hold his own in a street fight.

They are thrown together by circumstance and detest each other at first but then win each other over.

My favorite part the whole show is a secret Roman Catholic Service presented as a terrifying Santeria Black Mass, with Daniel Craig as the Priest.

The story came first and that is the foremost thing I ask of any form of fiction.

If you are going to watch them both then start with Chuck Norris Vs Communism.  It sets the stage nicely.

Setting the stage for what? You ask.

For the world that is facing us.

State sponsored censorship in the name of Safe Spaces is a serious possibility.  The Right's designated leadership is all but catatonic.  We all know that Republican politicians are only useful to the Left.  We would be fools to count on them but... Good news there we have figured it out.  You can only be betrayed enough times before detecting a pattern.

If we aren't on our toes Ceausescu's Romania is the world we are going to be living in.